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Hold your imagination in your hands...

'What I really need for this is....."


We've all said that, or at least thought it, at some time. Some small plastic piece of an otherwise functional piece of old equipment has broken and now you're going to have to spend hours trawling around the internet to find a replacement, or you're going to have to resign yourself to using a pair of pliers from now on. Or you've bought yourself that brand new phone and need a charging and sync dock for it, but you have very specific needs. Or your cat LOVES that new catfood but the last thing you can face first thing in the morning is getting cold gravy all over your fingers.


Then just talk to us. We can take that broken plastic piece and make you a new one so you WON'T need to use the pliers, and we can even adapt it to your special requirements. We can keep your fingers clean and gravy-free with a specially designed pouch-squeezer. The possibilities are endless and we're always ready for that design challenge to land in our inbox!


You can choose from our ever-growing range of currently available designs or we can design you something which will be unique to you.

Built from the screen up...

There are many possibilities with 3D design, from a practical sense or just the possibility of being able to hold in your hand something you've been imagining.


Let us make your custom jewellery, cosplay props, prototype machine components, life-hacks, or anything you want but can't find anywhere else.


Pictured here is a variety of items we haven't got round to printing yet, or just doodled for fun, or were prototypes of things which went on to be made into real items.


Send us an email from the link below with your design needs, comments, feedback or just just for a chat. We're always happy to hear from you.

Protecting your surfaces from evil!

Coasters aren't really the most exciting things in the world. Let's face it, they're really just there to stop your surfaces getting those horrible cup rings all over them and you've never really paid them much attention. But hopefully not anymore...


Our range of Comic Book Coasters is always growing and isn't just restricted to the world of comics. National flags, movies, TV, food, cute kitties, they can be just about anything! All are printed to order in tough, easily cleaned ABS plastic and can last a lifetime.


But you don't just have to use them as coasters. The entire range is capable of being retrofitted with 3x5mm neodymium magnets (also available in packs of three from our Etsy store), turning them into magnetic signs or fridge-magnets, or enabling them to be permanently mounted in place. You can let our imagination run wild, then let yours run even wilder. All our coasters, along with many other designs, are available to order right now from our Etsy store - get there by clicking on the button below.


We also offer a custom design service. Do you want custom-printed coasters for your office with your company logo on them, or a special one-off for someone's birthday/graduation/wedding/etc? Or do you want one specially personalised so it can be used as a door plaque or nameplate? We can do that (see below for an example, bearing our logo)! You can order them via our Etsy store or you can contact us directly to discuss what you need. We offer bulk discounts on a order by order basis and special offers happen all the time.


So place your order today at our Etsy store and fight cup-rings and boredom at the same time!

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