We're a graphic design company, located in Essex, UK.


Combining decades of graphic design experience and the fast growing world of 3D design and printing, our job is to make that little something which makes your life easier. Getting married? We can not only design your stationary but also the placecard holders, table ornaments or even your rings. Do you have a broken appliance that only needs that plastic part which you just can NOT find on eBay? Give us that plastic part and let us make you a new one.


The possibilities are endless...

Bob, the Alien Robolamp - available in a range of colours



We offer a relaxed, friendly and helpful service dedicated to making sure that you're completely happy with your finished result. Come to us with your design needs and we'll do our very best to make them a reality!



Keeping it Real...

We know that you can make your own business cards, calendars, stationary and so on, but who has the time? Let us do it for you! Whether it's for your band, business, club or just for yourself just bring it to us and let us save you all that trouble



Making it Real...

Let us bring your ideas to life, to bring new life to old things and make your life that little bit easier.


Or just make it more fun!



Making it shine...

Show your love for that special person, or just treat yourself to something completely unique. Choose from our ever-growing range of designs or tell us what you need and we'll make you something which no-one else in the world has.

Latest news...

We've now set up a page on Patreon.com which we'd love you to check out and enjoy! Patreon is a site where artists, designers, musicians, vloggers and bloggers and other creative people can create pages to offer special rewards and perks for monthly subscribers, in return for a monthly donation.


Our page is now live and ready to accept new patrons. Rewards start at behind the scenes access and patron-only polls, where we will ask your opinions and give you the chance to influence our future product designs and all the way up to personalised items being designed just for you!

You'll notice a button has been added to the website banner for the Patreon page. Clicking on this button will send you to the page where you can check out the reward levels and sign up to become a patron.


Your support and patronage is always very much appreciated. Thank you for your interest and I hope we can work together to create better and better products and designs for you to enjoy!

We're starting to add more designs to our Etsy store, as well as the ever-expanding Comic Book Coaster range. Bob has been joined by the WineBath bathroom wine holder (for those long stress-relieving soaks), the Pouch Squeezer (save money and keep your fingers clean!), the Shopping Bag Handle (both in plain and personalised versions) and several more.


We're also offering a custom design service of 3D printed plaques and signs. These may be more expensive than just getting them silkscreen printed but 3D printed signs won't fade, are weather-proof and are easily cleaned. So they can still be looking just as good in many years time! You can either order a custom-printed sign through our Etsy store or, if you have more specific needs, please contact us on our email address below.


More alternative designs will be added in the near future, as well as more additions to the range of Comic Book Coasters. The latest, just in time for the release of the new DC movie, is our Wonder Woman Coaster. All our coaster designs have been updated with holes in the back to accept 3mm x 5mm neodymium magnets (which we're sourcing now) so they can also be used as fridge magnets, or the holes can also be used as wall fixings. Personalise your whole space, not just your desk!

This gallery shows the new products recently uploaded to our Etsy store, including an image of a custom-made coaster designed for a customer recently as a birthday present to a friend of hers. While we're enjoying building our range of coasters we're also very open to custom orders. if you want one of our current range personalised to your specification or, as illustrated, you'd like a completely bespoke coaster designed specifically to your specifications.


Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you!

We're very proud of our growing range of Coasters, and we're always more than happy to receive feedback, comments, suggestions for new coasters and any messages if you just want to get in contact.


Thank you again for your support over the last year and we hope to be serving you for many years yet to come! Click on the links below to check out our various social media feeds where you can see some of our ever expanding range of 3D designed products


Wait, is that... a 3D printed Wineglass


Why yes, yes it is. Now you can have that wine experience while still drinking that coffee you need to keep your day going!


We're also now able to offer custom-designed 3D printed mugs. No, they're not cheap plastic - these are specially hand-made in porcelain, glazed in a range of colours, all to your specifications. There aren't many restrictions (as long as it's smaller in total, including the handle, than 125mm x 125mm x 200mm) so you can tell us what you need and we can make it for you!


There are a small number of mug designs now being added to our Shapeways store, and we're more than happy to accept custom jobs. Contact us now to discuss your needs.



Southey Green, Essex, UK

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